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  • European Spring: Why Our Economies and Politics are in a Mess – and How to Put Them Right

    Britain and the rest of Europe are in a mess. Our economies are failing to deliver higher living standards for most people – and many have lost faith in politicians’ ability to deliver a brighter future, with support for parties like UKIP soaring. Are stagnation, decline and disillusionment inevitable?

    European Spring Front cover banner
  • Aftershock: Reshaping the World Economy After the Crisis — out now

    The financial crisis brought the world to the brink of economic breakdown. But now bankers’ bonuses are back, house prices are rising again and politicians promise recovery – all this while unemployment remains high, debts mount, frictions with China grow and the planet overheats.
    Is this really sustainable – or do we need to change course?

  • Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them

    Immigration divides our globalising world like no other issue. We are being swamped by bogus asylum-seekers and infiltrated by terrorists, our jobs stolen, our benefit system abused, our way of life destroyed – or so we are told. Why are ever-rising numbers of people from poor countries arriving in Europe, North America and Australasia? Can we keep them out? Should we even be trying?

    Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them

My latest column for CapX

Posted 16 Sep 2015 in CapX, euro

DÖ stärker SD

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My column for SvD on why the December Agreement between Sweden’s mainstream political parties is a mistake. The Sweden Democrats may have been marginalised in parliament, but they have been strengthened in the country as a whole

Posted 14 Sep 2015 in Blog, Politics, Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

My column for Brussels Times

Posted 14 Sep 2015 in Blog, Brussels Times, euro

Watch it here

Posted 11 Sep 2015 in Blog, Europe, Immigration, Netherlands

I was interviewed about this by Democracy Now!

Posted 09 Sep 2015 in Blog, Democracy Now!, Europe, Immigration

My article on why Europe should let migrants in for Il Fatto Quotidiano, an Italian paper. Read pdf here

Posted 03 Sep 2015 in Blog, Europe, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Immigration, Italy

I was interviewed on BBC World TV News on 28 August

Posted 31 Aug 2015 in BBC Online, Blog, Europe, Immigration

Read the full article here

Posted 30 Aug 2015 in Blog, China Newsweek, euro, Greece

My column for CapX

Posted 29 Aug 2015 in Britain, CapX, Immigration

Paul Collier, an expert on African economies, has written a poorly researched book on immigration, Exodus, that is full of holes, as Michael Clemens pointed out in his review in Foreign Affairs. On Al Jazeera’s Head to Head programme presented by Mehdi Hasan, I was part of a panel challenging his views.  Watch it here I speak 13:40 minutes in, 21:10, 32:15,  37:25, 40:30, 46:00

Posted 26 Aug 2015 in Al Jazeera, Blog, Immigration

My column for Foreign Policy

Posted 26 Aug 2015 in Blog, Debt, euro, Foreign Policy, Germany, Greece

My column for Foreign Policy

Posted 26 Aug 2015 in Blog, Europe, Foreign Policy, Immigration

An excellent pamphlet by Jeremy Cliffe, The Economist’s new Bagehot columnist, explains how a number of long-term trends are likely to create a cosmopolitan liberal majority in Britain. This poses big challenges, and big opportunities, for existing political parties. I wrote a response to the pamphlet for Policy Network and argued in CapX that while Labour might seem best-placed to benefit, there was also a big opportunity for liberal Conservatives.

Posted 26 Aug 2015 in Blog, Britain, Politics

Read the full article in Dutch here and here

Posted 20 Aug 2015 in Blog, De Volkskrant, Europe, Immigration, Netherlands

I participated in a debate in City AM about this with Steven Woolfe, UKIP’s immigration spokesman.

Posted 11 Aug 2015 in Blog, Britain, Business, Immigration

Read the article here

Posted 11 Aug 2015 in Blog, Britain, City AM, Immigration

I was interviewed by Thomas Mulhall for the publication New Eastern Europe.

Posted 11 Aug 2015 in Blog, Immigration, Poland, Population

My piece for CapX

Posted 10 Aug 2015 in Blog, Britain, CapX, Immigration

Watch it here

Posted 07 Aug 2015 in Blog, CCTV America, Global Economy

My interview with Rui Pedro Antunes in Portugal’s Diário de Notícias

Posted 06 Aug 2015 in Blog, Diario de Noticias, euro, Portugal