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By Philippe Legrain 1 COMMENT

Australia’s Herald Sun reports that:

A British migration expert said yesterday Australia should open its
borders to unskilled rather than skilled Asian migrants to do the
dirty, difficult and dangerous jobs locals shunned.

Philippe Legrain, a visiting fellow at the London School of
Economics’ European Institute, also accused the Government of racism
over its approach to African refugees.

"I think it’s the most crude, electioneering racism," he said.

A spokeswoman for Mr Andrews said opening the borders to unskilled migrants would be catastrophic.

"The idea of bringing in people to do low-skilled, low-paid jobs is, frankly, un-Australian," she said.

Rubbish. Indeed, some people might say that the Howard government’s policy towards refugees’  is not only un-Australian; it’s unethical and inhumane.

Posted 15 Oct 2007 in Australia, Blog, Immigration
  1. Ken says:

    Immigrationists like you, John Micklethwait and Mark Leonard are living on another planet. You know little about the UK, and understand even less, and you despise its people. You’re just a bunch of mad scientists who want to turn this world into some PC identikit-funky-multi-culti-melting pot.
    The UK is streets ahead of many countries in welcoming immigrants from around the world and we have more to teach other countries in that regard than we do to learn from them. What would you rather be? A Briton of Japanese descent or a Japanese of British descent? Exactly.
    If you want immigration to ‘enrich’ and ‘reinvigorate’ a country, I suggest you look to New Zealand, which is dour, prim, and far more provincial than Australia, or even the UK. Forget fusion food and R&B, it might give them a few more attractive women.

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